Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Tree of Life

What is Tree of Life

A structured programme which uses a narrative therapy approach for all ages, which was designed by Ncazelo Ncube and David Denborough in 2006. It is now used around the globe as an effective means of helping people learn more about themselves, value themselves and improve their wellbeing.

The Programme

The programme uses the metaphor of the tree – which is drawn by each participant – to represent different aspects of their lives e.g. roots, ground, trunk, branches, leaves, fruits.

The stories which arise from individual lives are shared. When used in groups, (creation of the forest) it can powerfully generate support and understanding from the group.







Who can benefit from
The Tree of Life programme?

• Community Groups   • Families and couples

• Organisations & Teams

• Individuals wanting to explore and address issues of self-esteem, loss and bereavement

how is
tree of life delivered?

 The Tree of Life can be delivered in a variety of sessions including half day workshops or a series of weekly sessions. We can adapt the programme to fit with your requirements or timescales.

Nicola’s Qualifications

Nicola Kennell holds the  Advanced Tree of Life Practitioners certificate and here at Green Tree Arts we have adapted the model to involve working more in depth with the creative imagery as well as the narrative focus, widening the potential creative aspects to the model.

    Very inspiring and empowering and fun. Gave me the opportunity to reflect on myself and my team.

    It has enabled me to look at what is important to me and value my roots and find out who has helped me.


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