Studio Art Therapy

Studio Art Therapy

Studio Art Therapy

What is a Studio Art Therapy?

Studio Art Therapy  is a place where individuals meet as part of a group to ‘do their own thing’  expressing themselves however they want to with the art materials provided, or following themes suggested by participants or the Art Therapist.

In these sessions you will use a range of mixed media, such as paint, pastels, recycled materials, pencils, and a range of collage materials such as papers, fabrics, and natural materials.

Why attend Studio Art Therapy?

These group sessions can be a new way of experiencing art and discovering how you express yourself. Creativity comes from many sources within and it is encouraged by many factors in our surroundings.

Outwardly, we may need an environment for art making, materials, a comfortable space separate from home and work, and a climate of acceptance.

Inwardly, creativity may come from excitement, exhilaration, and inspiration and at other times from more peaceful and deeper places within ourselves, solitude, inactivity, and daydreaming.

A common misconception about using art is that you must be good at it to be able to enjoy it! On the contrary making art whether it is painting, sketching or collage are simple methods of self-expression available to almost everyone regardless of age or ability.

    Who can benefit from
    The Art Therapy Studio?

    Having a creative space as adults is something that is often considered a luxury within the everyday time pressures of life. Working as part of a group can provide a chance to share and reflect on both the pleasures and challenges of life.

    Creating a sense of belonging while enjoying a social experience being creative together, can provide positive benefits for our emotional well-being.

    “Doing their own thing”

    Sessions can run as either half or full day workshops or as weekly sessions lasting 1-2 hours, we can tailor a package to suit your needs.

    A lovely escape… a chance to enjoy my art and not worry!

    I have learnt it is okay to experiment and enjoy the process of what I am making.

    I loved being able to be playful and not worry about what I was making, the group was fun and allowed me to connect with new people.


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